100% Natural Cortex Moutan Extract/Paeonol Powder

extract name: paeonol
abbr. name: paeonol extract
extract category: herbal extract
extract class: herbal extracts
quality 1.ash: 5% max
3.heavy metal:10ppm max
4.pb: 2ppm max max
6.size:80 mesh
extract method by supercritical co2 extraction
paeonol is produced from paeonia suffruticosa through extraction and subsequent purification.
appearance: white crystal powder, it has unique natural mint smell.
specification: 99% paeonol
paeonol can inhibit the penetration of capillary vessel, so as to diminish inflammation and remove swelling. study also indicates that paeonolum has ataractic effect against muscle tissue and skin, so it can substitute anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory medicine used in skin and mouth. also it has unique natural mint smell, so as to remove peculiar mouth smell. and it also can reduce pain and toothache when brushing. dispelling wind and arresting pain. it can be used as pharmaceutical material of preparations for myalgia, rheumatic pain, and neuralgia coetaneous pluribus and so on.
specification:99% by hplc
molecular formula & molecular weight:c9h10o3;166.17;
appearance:white or light yellow powder
melting point:49-51.c;solubility: soluble in ethanol and hot water

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